Each new year delivers an exciting array of jewelry trends to be incorporated into any fashionistas jewelry box. Whether it be a brand-new type of necklace or a particular style of earrings, there’s always a selection of trends that can be enjoyed by everyone.

At Reveka Rose, we like to keep our readers ahead of the trends within the jewelry industry, so we can give you an insight into how you can freshen up your jewelry box in the year ahead. With this in mind, we have spoken to some of the leading experts to get an idea of what they are seeing in jewelry trends so far this year and to hear their predictions for the rest of 2018.

Though many trends come and go, don’t be surprised if you spot a few jewelry styles that have been carried over from 2017 or even have been around for longer.

From flamboyant colors to layers upon layers, we have created a roundup of 2018’s jewelry trends from those in the know.

jewelry trends 2018


"When it comes to colored gemstone rings, the traditional classic styles typically feature a single gem with pave diamond detail or a center gem with two diamonds for the sides. Three beautifully matched red rubies are a prime example of the boost of color this style creates! For those that are passionate about color, one of our favorite ways to pump-up the power of the piece is with a ring that features three-of-a-kind."

Yee Hau ChanWixon


"Animals are always popular subjects of jewelry.  But there were some iterations this season that I found particularly noteworthy….and fun.  And it’s not the traditional lions and tigers and bears, but crabs, cats chasing fish and beetles of all sorts, to name just a few.  

We like animals because they’re relatable and there’s a great deal of symbolism attributed to living creatures. And this season, you can have your pick!  From Snail studs, featuring the little creatures in gold and pink by Hormiga, to the playful Cat Catching Fish necklace from Nach (which features any number of animals in its collection).  My favorite, though, is the crab earrings from Mercedes Salazar – sweet little pinky-orange critters that dangle off the earlobes."

Katherine Ainsworth.  IG:onestylishlife

"Images of the natural world — butterflies, turtles, trees, flowers, and birds of all kinds are prominently in the jewelry items. Jewelry artists from all over the world find inspiration in nature as in the main creator of beauty on Earth. That is why nature motifs were and, probably, will remain the core idea of the handmade jewelry."

Anestasiia Niesheva,  Jewelry Trends

animal jewelry


"Necklaces are not the only layering trend this year, photos are popping up everywhere of layered-up arm candy.  We say, the more the merrier! Pair short necklaces with long, pearls with leather, and thin bangles with chunky boho. The sky’s the limit and when layered together, even seemingly competing styles work well."

Shannon Geyer,  Buckeye Bling

layering necklaces


"The ubiquitous beachy accessory of the late ‘90s, loved by tween girls and surfer dudes alike? You would be forgiven for having assumed it had been relegated forever to the jewelry box of seasons past. But, it’s back. Only this time it’s taken on a luxier, infinitely more grown-up vibe."

Chloe Street,  Evening Standard


"Another trend on the realistic side of jewelry this season is the human body, as expressed through metal, silver, gold and even diamonds.  I came across a sparkly pair of earrings from Anton Heunis that feature an eye at the top of each hoop with shiny lips at the bottom.

Another fun example is the Picabia bracelet from Eyland, which features a bracelet with a hand at each end giving the illusion that the bracelet is hugging your wrist.  Finally, for a bit of surrealism, George J. Love gives us his Face earrings, golden iron cleverly shaped to create the outline of a face – including eyes, nose, and eyebrows."

Katherine Ainsworth.  IG:onestylishlife

face jewelry


"If you can’t get enough color in your collection, then color blocking is a style to get behind in a big way!  Let your mind wander around the color wheel to create a piece that is uniquely yours.

The pairing of different hues creates a jewel juxtaposition that showcases a variety of gems in a wide assortment of different shades.  Color blocking creates a beautiful and bold expression of color!"

Jayme Pretzloff,  Wixon

color block jewelry


"Short necklaces provide an obvious advantage to the wearer: they can be worn more easily with any style of clothing, peeking suggestively from behind an open shirt, at the neckline of a crew cut top or elongating the neck while wearing a low-cut ensemble. I predict we will see much more of this type of necklaces over 2018, as it’s practicality will win fans of fashion and simple styling alike."

Katerina Perez

short necklaces


"Jewelry incorporating color and illustration, via enamel and inlay, is having a bona fide moment in the style spotlight."

Emili Vesilind,  JCK

enamel jewelry


"Apparently, tassels have a long and storied history.  Stout Brothers, a 90-year-old company that makes tassels and other trimmings for the home, has a fascinating history of tassels on its site, illustrating a necklace incorporating tassels reportedly made during the 18th Dynasty and found in Tutankhamun's tomb in the Valley of Kings in Egypt.  

And tassels have managed to make the transitions through centuries quite nicely, reemerging in 2018. Today’s tassels are bolder. They’re ‘look at me!’ pieces, whether in bright colors or neutrals, integrated into a larger piece or not. And they’re no longer only fabric. Ben Amun has pearl tassels, reminiscent of some of the Turkish baubles I have in my years of collecting jewelry in Istanbul.  

J.Crew put a summery nod on their tassels by incorporating them into its nautical-looking pearl and bead bracelet. Oscar de la Renta kept it simple but compelling in its black and white dangle earrings."

Katherine Ainsworth.  IG:onestylishlife

tassel jewelry


"Chokers are sooo 2017, so for your new alternative, opt for a layered necklace. It features a short chain that should fit like a delicate choker, with two longer chains as an added bonus. You’ll find yourself collecting different styles covered in the most basic charms, don’t say I didn’t warn you."
The Betches

"You can opt for a multi-layered necklace. It will have a choker or short chain along with two long chains; it has a vast varied of a collection with different styles making it impossible to own just one."

Harvey Oblander,JM Jewels

how to layer necklaces


"Move over, dainty gold rings. The fashion set is swinging the pendulum and sporting bold, gold statement rings instead."

Rank & Style

gold statement rings


"Rose gold is still going strong from bridal to bridge. The warm tone of rose gold looks great on a variety of skin tones and can be easily layered or stacked with yellow and white gold jewelry."

Tracy Matthews,  Flourish & Thrive Academy

rose gold jewelry

Image Credit - Tracy Matthews.


"The 2018 haute couture style is full of bold vintage jewelry-especially oversize dangle, tassel and chandelier earrings. We used to call them shoulder-dusters! Most of these pieces come from the 1970s and 1980s when oversize jewelry was sizzling hot. These loud vintage earrings are accompanied with equally bold and big chokers or necklaces.

In contrast, I’m also seeing a 2018 trend toward antique Edwardian-style jewelry (1901-1910) especially for engagement rings and wedding jewelry. Edwardian jewelry is ultra-feminine. It’s also small in scale. This style features delicate, lacey and filigree settings with lots of pearl and diamond accents."

Danielle Olivia Tefft,  Found in the Jewelry Box Blog


"Pearls are making a big splash in the world of fashion as stylists are using them to enhance ensembles ranging from the classically conservative to the outlandishly ornate.  Traditional views on them are changing as current designs showcase pearls in styles to suit women of all ages.

More people are exploring the power of pearls than ever before.  From diva style drop earrings to a bold pearl strand; one thing is for certain, these new designs aren’t your grandmother’s pearls."

Jayme Pretzloff,  Wixon

"I love that pearls are making a come back in unusual ways! Everything from stick pearl earrings to sliced pearls with gems secured inside creates an edgy vibe on a classic gem."

Tracy Matthews,  Flourish & Thrive Academy

pearl jewelry

What a mix of jewelry styles we have to offer so far this year and we are sure there are many more exciting trends to come, in the meantime, you can discover our range of Mexican jewelry.